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Dixons online the top high street electronics brand in the UK offering high tech online electronics at low prices.

Dixon Studios Limited specialized in photography when first registering in 1937 with a share capital of £100. Named Dixons due to limitations in studio frontage these humble photographic store beginnings has in 60 years evolved into the large Dixons UK group with over 1,400 stores across the UK, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Nordic countries and Spain. The Dixons electrical group also comprises of: PC World, Currys and The Link in the UK (and Ireland); PC City in France, Italy, Spain and Sweden; Kotsovolos in Greece, Electro World in Hungary and the Czech Republic; UniEuro in Italy; and Elkjøp in the Nordic countries. Group turnover was approximately £6.5 billion in 2003/4, which translated into over £300 million pre-taxation profit. Independently the Dixons electronic store chains contribution to the groups financial wealth includes:

  • Approximately £800 million in sales (2003/4)
  • Over 300 stores in the United Kingdom (which includes the popular new large format Dixons xL shops and Dixons duty free airport stores)
  • 880,000 sq ft of prime retail sale space (averaging at 2,800 sq ft per store)
  • Over 5,000 employees
  • Dixons electrical online store has over 8 years e-commerce expertise and were the 1st High Street electronic retailer to offer UK customers online purchasing. Dixons online catalogue offers a comprehensive range of the very latest advancements in home technology such as Dixons laptops, camcorders, DVD players and plasma TVs all at competitive prices so their customers get a great deal on all online purchases. Dixons web store offers a welcoming online shopping experience with easy access, navigation and assistance to help customers with their purchasing decisions.

    For safe and secure shopping Dixons online offers great deals on all electronic technology - new & recent releases (such as the latest Dixon computer deals). For an easy to use online store that offers speedy home delivery and peace of mind get your electronics from the top High St. store chain across the UK.

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    Dixons Products and Services Offered

    Things you can buy from Dixons's online shop include the following:

    Cameras & Camcorders - Compact Cameras, Camcorder Tapes, Card Readers, Camera Accessories, Film.
    Computing - PC Speakers, DVDR Disks, Digital Media Labelling, CDRW Disks, DVDRW Disks.
    Cooling - Air Conditioners, Summer Fans.
    DIY & Garden Tools - Bosch, Garden Tools, Tools and DIY, Black and Decker.
    Digital Cameras - Nikon digital cameras, Kodak digital cameras, Hewlett Packard digital cameras, Olympus digital cameras, Canona digital cameras.
    Fitness - Exercise bikes, Rowing machines, Walkers, Treadmills, Pedometers.
    Gadgets - Girls Toys, Robots, Boys Toys, Music gadgets.
    Gaming - Nintendo DS, PS2 games, PSP games, XBox games, GBA games.
    Home Audio & Hi-Fi - DAB Hi-Fi and Adaptors, Headphones, Hi-Fi Stands, Hi-Fi Mini Systems, Hi-Fi Surround Sound.
    Home Security - Wireless alarms, camera system, Wireless CCTV system, CCTV systems.
    In Car Entertainment - Panasonic in-car entertainment, Sony in-car entertainment, Blaupunkt in-car entertainment, Kenwood in-car entertainment, Pioneer in-car entertainment.
    MP3 and Digital Audio - Apple iPod, MP3 and Digital Audio Players, Napster Compatible Digital Audio Players.
    Mobiles and Telephones - Cordless Digital Telephones, Telephone Accessories, Phone and Modem Cables, Pay As You Go Sim Cards, Telephone Emailers.
    Multimedia Players - Digital Multimedia Players.
    Personal Care - Beauty Care, Hair Stylers, Dental, Hair Dryers, Male Grooming.
    Portable Audio - Speakers, DAB Digital Radio, Microphones, Radios, Clock Radios.
    Satellite Navigation - Tom Tom, Snoopers, GPS software, Toad, AA.
    Small Domestic Appliances - Toasters, Health Grills, Irons, Fryers, Kettles.
    Vacuum Cleaners - Specialist Cleaners, Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners, Upright Vacuum Cleaners.
    Vision - Video Players, Portable TV, Digital TV, TV Packages, Plasma and LCD TV.

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