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Tesco is currently the UK's largest Supermarket chain and the market leading food retailer in the country with the core purpose to create value for customers and thus earn their loyalty.

Tesco was established in 1919 by Jack Cohen who sold from a small stall in London's East End surplus groceries. At this stage the firm was not known as Tesco but from these humble beginnings in 1929 Cohen opened the first Tesco store in Edgeware, North London. The name for the store came from one of his first own-brand products Tesco Tea from TES from a partner in the tea suppliers firm and CO from Cohen. In the early 1930's Tesco stores limited became a private limited company. By the 1960's Tesco made significant in-roads in store expansion. By the mid 1960's they had over 200 stores in the North and over 140 elsewhere and by the early 1980's had introduced computerized checkouts at their stores. In the mid 1970's Tesco shopping stores started to opened petrol forecourts at their major stores and by 1991 they were the UK's largest independent petrol retailer. The 1990's marked the introduction of many of Tesco's specific ranges such as Tesco's Organic range in 1992, Tesco Value in 1993 and Tesco Finest in 1998. During this period Tesco also introduced different store formats such as Tesco Metro Tesco Express and Tesco Extra which proved as successful as their new ranges of food. The 1990's also saw the successful opening of Tesco shopping stores in Europe and Asia including Hungary, Poland and Tiwan. It was also in the 1990's that Tesco started to expand their range and ventured out into financial services in 1997, two years later they had 1,000,000 personal finance customers (which includes the popular Tesco insurance). By 1999 Tesco extended their product range further with the introduction of mobile phones, an on-line books store and online banking. Already the 2000's have seen Tesco branching out into own label clothing ranges (including Fred, Florence and Cherokee), home and mobile phones along with Broadband services. Furthermore they have opened more stores in Europe and Asia (such as China) as well as expanding their specialist range food products including those with special dietary requirements (such as Fairtrade, 'Free from' and Gi ranges). Tesco's recent store and product expansions have resulted in phenomenal success - 2005 financial figures revealed annual profits of 2 billion for Tesco.

Interesting facts about Tesco include:

  • The term superstore was used when Tesco opened their Crawley store in 1968
  • Tesco's annual sales reached 1 billion in 1979
  • Tesco was the first retailer to emphasize their own brand products nutritional value through their Healthy Eating initiative in 1985
  • Tesco's 'Every Little Helps' campaign was first launched in 1992 and remains synomonous with Tesco products over 10 years later
  • Tesco clubcard was launched in 1995 although their partnership with Airmiles didn't get off the ground until 2002
  • In 1996 Tesco was one of the first retailers to introduce 24 hour trading in their stores
  • Since 2001 Tesco has been the leading organic retailer in the UK
  • In 2004 Tesco became the first British supermarket to enter the music download market
  • In 2005 Tesco announced their first non-food retail store
  • In 2000 Tesco extended their online presence with the launch of Tesco.com to supplement their online books and banking services as well as their online price comparison checker (which published Tesco's prices for common products alongside their major competitors). In 2001 Tesco.com formed a partnership with American Safeway to take the home Tesco shopping model into the US. Tesco com offer both online home delivery for their full range of store items as well as their full range of Tesco extra products, online applications for Tesco financial and telecommunication products, as well as information about other Tesco shopping services readily available to customers.

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    Tesco Products and Services Offered

    Things you can buy from Tesco's online shop include the following:

    Tesco Extra - Music downloads, Contact lenses, CDs, Flowers, Wine by the case.
    Tesco Finance - Mortgages, Loans, Credit cards, Savings.
    Tesco Groceries - Wines, Photography, Electrical, Ice Cream, Toiletries.
    Tesco Insurance - Home insurance, Car insurance, Life insurance, Pet insurance, Travel insurance.
    Tesco Telecoms - Dial up internet access, Tesco mobile top-up, Tesco mobile network, Mobile phones, Home phone.

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    Tesco Shopping

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